Our Life, round two.

Set a firm foundation, build the walls with care. Fill with love and laughter, then a home is there.

Published by pjefood19

I am the husband and father of a lovely family of 5, living in the Greenwood area of Seattle. We are all recovering from the effects of encephalitis having struck our lovely Wife/Mom. We are coming along, together, to recovery in many ways. We have been broken, but not destroyed! Finding our bond of love through cooking and eating together, and with friends, we will recover, stronger together than before!

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  1. Peter, what a GREAT idea!!! I love seeing pictures of your family working together, making healthy meals and eating together. I know you always have a summer project and I think this is the best project you have ever committed to doing. These are skills that everyone should know and a great time to do it. Congratulations to the Eagan family! Let me know if you run out of recipes ~ you know I can probably find a “few” that would help. Your favorite mother-in-law.


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