Meal 1: Butter Chicken

Ok, here we go!

Week 1 of Maribeth and her loving family working to help recreate her library of words lost due to the effects of her brain being injured during a bout of HSV1 encephalitis that attacked her body and brain in September 2018. It has been a long and often difficult journey, but with loving friends and family surrounding and praying for our beloved Maribeth, she is coming all of the way back… As a true warrior does! She is amazing, and is been truly cherished and loved by so many.

Now, to the food…

Everyone loved this dish, and Maribeth and I (hereafter referred to as Mom and Dad), cranked this one out in about an hour. Basmati rice in the cooker, and this recipe from the Allrecipes web site. We usually find their recipes easy, quick and the videos, if a bit over polished, useful to watch once. Then we try to get Mom to read the recipe and stay ahead of us with the ingredients. She does struggle with less used words, like Garam Masala, but the aphasia caused by the encephalitis is slowly receding. It has been 9 months since she did not even know her own name, but those days are fading into the past, like the heat of cayenne fades when you have mango lassi to coolit. We haven’t tried that yet, but it is on the short list – with more Indian food coming!

Published by pjefood19

I am the husband and father of a lovely family of 5, living in the Greenwood area of Seattle. We are all recovering from the effects of encephalitis having struck our lovely Wife/Mom. We are coming along, together, to recovery in many ways. We have been broken, but not destroyed! Finding our bond of love through cooking and eating together, and with friends, we will recover, stronger together than before!

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