Wait, hold that thought…

Before we can go out and work on our menu reading, we have a guest in the house and she is very special to all of us. As is her whole family. Our oldest daughter has a wonderful friend, and her own Mother was stricken with the HSV1 encephalitis virus herself about 8 years prior to MB contracting it. We could not believe it when she told us this as Maribeth was in her first week of her 23 day hospital stay. They have been a great resource for us during our own recovery. So….Tonight we decided to cook Maribeth’s favorite dish to cook, Chicken Piccata. Not only has it been a family favorite in this house, but there is a much deeper and colorful history of this dish, usually in its Veal Piccata form, embedded in Peter and his friend’s past. More on that in his book…😉On this occasion, Maribeth and Meier did most of the work, with Dad helping with logistics. Maribeth proved tonight to not only be a little bossy in the kitchen, but a real Boss! She threw it down, remembered how she used to put this beauty together, and made this not only memorable, but absolutely delicious. It was crispy, tender, lemon-winey, and rich with the chicken stock, olive oil, capers and BUTTER! Oh my…. She’s baaaaaaack!!!

Getting Apron’d up
Meier brings the hammer down, tenderizing
A really good team, these two
Hair in a ball, chicken in the pan
Probably our favorite family meal

Published by pjefood19

I am the husband and father of a lovely family of 5, living in the Greenwood area of Seattle. We are all recovering from the effects of encephalitis having struck our lovely Wife/Mom. We are coming along, together, to recovery in many ways. We have been broken, but not destroyed! Finding our bond of love through cooking and eating together, and with friends, we will recover, stronger together than before!

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